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Manufacturing Velocity tm -   It's how fast you convert   investment $$$... into Invoice $$$$$


Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturing Velocity(tm) is Best Practice and Products that help reduce costs, and increase the Velocity of your business performance.


What can I do for myself to add velocity to my operations?

  • Implement your ERP solution as a "Packaged Solution" and re-engineer your operations to fit the package.
    • implement ERP processes as they were designed
  • Do NOT modify your ERP package source code - 
    • if you modify your program code, you
      • give up available tech support of the "Packaged solution"
      • may not be able to apply "Packaged Solution" udates or service packs
      • may have to re-engineer your modifications for a major upgrade


Should I consider re-implementing my ERP solution?

  • Generally - NO
    • A Gap-Analysis can identify
      • Underutilized ERP features
      • Produce Recommendations to improve ERP use
    • Project Planning of ERP Improved Use
      • Train users on improved use
      • Phase in mprovements to compliment your on-going business


What are Manufacturing Velocity Products?

  • Manufacturing Velocity - Products are API's (application program interfaces)
    • That Extend Intuitive ERP functions
      • But do NOT modify Intuitive ERP program code
    • Velocity Web App Framework
      • Hosts the Velocity Business Rules Engine and Velocity WorkFlow Engine
      • Hosts extended applications interfaced to ERP
        • Extends functions of Form Agents
        • Adds complete new modules to ERP
    • Velocity Form AgentsReal-time ERP  ( e.g. Sales Order entry)
      • Extend business rules and integrate workflow in 21 frequently used ERP screens
    • Velocity Automation - real-time - services layer 
    • VelocityTrans QX - extended transaction processor transactions
    • Velocity Gateway - transactional webservices that interface third-party appications with any ERP Application Object
    • Velocity Print Engine - replaces existing Customer and Vendor facing printed reports, supports auto emailing
    • Velocity Report Portal - document and reporting portal with  user- role security
      • Scheduled and emailed reports
      • Alert Reports


What can I do with Manufacturing Velocity Products?

  • Anything your ERP "Packaged Solution" does not do.
  • Complete the following sentence: